Types of Camp

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We work with a range of camps, every one different and unique. Find out more about the types of camp you can work at in America.

What type of camp will I go to?

 We work with traditional faith-based, special needs, underprivileged and speciality camps. On your application there is a preferences section, to help find the camp best suited to you. 

Do I have to be Jewish/Christian to work at a faith-based camp?

No. Some faith-based camps may prefer you to be of a specific faith, or be actively practicing but most often, they hire people based solely on personality or skill and if you're willing to work at faith-based camp.

Do I need special needs experience to work at a special needs camp? Will I receive training?

No. You don't need previous experience to work with special needs campers. Before campers arrive, you'll have at least a week to settle in, meet your co-counselors, and get oriented. There will be lots of other counselors around to support you and provide guidance - the camper-counselor ratio at these camps is usually 1:1 or 2:1. The best special needs counselors are flexible and compassionate so if this is you, you'll be perfect at one of these camps.

How do you pick the camps you work with?

Each member of our dedicated US team responsible for selecting our camps has worked at camp, usually for multiple years and some have even directed camps themselves. They personally handpick all of our camps, to ensure they're a suitable match for the Camp Leaders program and the people taking part. Each year, we review our camps and collect feedback from everyone who attended, to make sure we only work with the best out there.

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