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There are loads of job roles available at summer camp. Find out more about the roles available. 

Summer camp is a major American tradition. Camps were designed to offer the best summer ever for campers and staff alike. Every year over 10 million kids go to camp, that’s where you come in. 

Work as a general counselor, activity leader or behind the scenes as support staff. Summer Camps love to hire international staff to bring in new culture, diversity and skills. You can teach what you love, have fun and live the American dream.

What roles are available?

Camp counselor 

You'll be leading a small group of campers, looking out for them and encouraging them - and joining in on the fun.

  • No need for qualifications
  • You'll have a go at everything camp has to offer
  • Very common role at summer camp

Support staff 

If you want to go to camp, but don’t think you’d be suited to working with children, then this role could be a great fit for you. There are lots of different roles that will allow you to make a big impact from behind the scenes. You'll live separate from the campers in a staff bunk, and you'll spend most of your day with the same team. 

  • Work behind the scenes as part of a team
  • Earn more pocket money than a camp counselor
  • Very common role at summer camp
  • You must be a student

Activity specialist

Lead activity sessions. Whatever you're passionate about, you'll be able to teach it at summer camp. The list of activities is endless - and it keeps on growing.

  • You'll teach your specific activity to campers
  • You'll get to know everyone at camp as they rotate through your activity
  • You'll spend a summer teaching what you love

Special needs counselor

No matter a camper’s ability, they deserve to have an amazing summer too. You’ll be there to support and enable campers of all abilities to flourish and have a summer without limits.

  • The most rewarding summer job you'll ever have
  • You'll build valuable experience for your CV
  • Special needs counselors earn an extra $100 for the summer

Do I have to have a specific skill?

It’s always good to say a few things you have experience in (but it doesn't mean you have to be necessarily skilled). If you're passionate about an activity, it's likely you can teach it at camp, even if you're not quite qualified. Summer camps are always looking for big personalities to fill their camps with energy and spirit. So as long as you’re yourself you’ll be great.

Do I need to have qualifications?

No, we are looking for enthusiasm. If you’re applying to work in a more specialised role, it helps if you have qualifications and experience.

Will I receive training?

Yes. Alongside our Preparation Days which are held before you depart, you will have specific training for your role at camp when you arrive. Training can be anything from a few days to a couple of weeks long.

Do I need to have experience working with children?

No, as long as you’re willing to work with children. Any experience will be a bonus, no matter how small. If you don't have experience with children, then why not volunteer before you go? Even if it’s just looking after younger family members, it all counts.

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