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What dates do I need to be available?

Camps start between early May and mid-June. Depending on your role, you will need to be available for 9-11 weeks after your start date. 

Is there an age limit for summer camp?

The only age requirement is that you must be 18 by June 1st.

Do I have to be a student to apply?

If you are applying for a support staff role, you have to be a student as per the visa regulations. If you are applying for the camp counselor role, you do not need to be a student.

I'm a student and don't know my exam dates yet, what should I do?

Camp roles have various start dates, typically between May 1st and June 20th, and finish 9 weeks after the start date. The dates you enter on your application at this stage are not set in stone.

Do I need to have a police check to go to summer camp?

Yes, everyone needs an enhanced valid police check. The police check must be in date from the 1st September of the year you are applying. 

Do I need to have experience working with children?

No. For any camp counselor roles, as long as you're willing to work with children, you can apply for summer camp. Any previous experience is a bonus, no matter how small. 

For support staff roles you do not need experience with children and you will not be working directly with children.

Why do I need references to go to summer camp?

To work at summer camp you need 3 professional references. The references are a Department of State requirement. Your 3 referees need to have known you for over 6 months, can’t be a relative and should be one of the following:

  • Employer/Supervisor
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Lecturer
  • Religious Leader

I'm struggling to find 3 references, what should I do?

You can have 3 of the same type of referee e.g. you can have 3 references from 3 different teachers, these can also all be from the same organisation e.g. your school/university. If you're struggling to get a reply to your reference request you can resend the request from your profile.

Do I need to be able to speak English?

Yes. It is a visa requirement to be able to speak a basic level of English.

Do I need to be from a particular country to apply?

No. We have 15 offices around the world, so we'll likely be able to help you with your application. However, there can be some limitations for residents of some countries based on US visa regulations. Give us a call if you're interested, and we can help to get your summer sorted.

When is the deadline to apply for summer camp with Camp Leaders?

The latest date to apply for the season is mid/late April.

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