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A huge part of summer camp is the campers, find out more about what to expect from the campers in America.

How old are the campers?

Every camp is different, and age groups will vary depending on the type of camp you go to. Most campers are aged from 6 to 16.

How many children attend a summer camp?

The number of camp attendees can vary greatly depending on the size of the camp. You'll be able to ask your Camp Director more about this during your interview. 

What are special needs campers like?

You may work with a variety of campers - such as people with intellectual or developmental challenges like Autism or Down's syndrome, behavioural conditions such as ADHD, or physical limitations such as Spina bifida. Some camps will have a specific focus, and work with people who have a specific type of disability, and some may be able to accommodate a wider variety. Wherever you end up, you'll be doing a good thing - helping people have an amazing summer that wouldn't be possible without you.