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What is summer camp?

Summer camp is an American tradition where children (campers) go to develop, grow and partake in activities during the summer. Summer camps hire local and international staff to provide a unique cultural exchange experience. 

When does summer camp start?

Summer camps start at various dates between early May and mid-June. 

How long does camp last?

Camp lasts around 9 weeks for camp counselors, 10 weeks for support staff and 11 weeks for day camp counselors. Some camps last longer, but staff will get paid more in these cases. After camp, you have up to 30 days to travel around America.

Do I get paid?

Yes. How you are paid depends on which camp you are hired at. Check out our video on the ways you can get paid at camp.

Who else will I be working with?

Summer camps hire staff from all over the world. The age range of camp staff varies. Most staff are aged between 18 - 25, but senior staff are often older and some camps have junior counselors in training who are typically younger.

Who are Camp Leaders?

At Camp Leaders, our purpose is to inspire people to go further and embark on life-changing cultural exchange. The Camp Leaders team will expertly match you with a camp that is looking for your skills and provide endless support from the second you sign up, to the moment you land back in your home country after camp. We're here to help you throughout your entire cultural exchange journey.

Why do I need Camp Leaders?

When you go to summer camp you’ll be travelling on a J-1 Cultural Exchange Visa. To get this visa, you need sponsorship. Camp Leaders is a leading agency who will organise this sponsorship. 

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