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Visa Documentation

All you need to know about documentation required on the day of your visa appointment.

What is the visa sponsor document?

You will only need to upload this document if your visa sponsor is CIEE. You will be told this in advance, so if you donโ€™t hear about it, there is no need to worry.

Can I use UK size passport photos?

No, for your visa application you will need a US sized passport photo. You will be able to get one of these from a photo booth, a photography shop or at some supermarkets. The size dimension is 2 x 2 inches. Please only take US visa sized photographs. If you uploaded a photo to your DS160 application and it was accepted, you do not need to worry about taking additional photos. 

Where do I find my SEVIS number?

Your SEVIS number will appear within your profile under the visa section up to 2 days before your appointment. If this still hasnโ€™t shown, and your appointment is within 48 hours, please contact our office immediately.

I cannot retrieve my DS-160, what do I do?

The DS-160 will expire after 30 days if you cannot retrieve your application just start a new one. This will not affect your appointment if you have already booked it.

How do I get my DS-2019?

Your DS-2019 form will be provided by us. You will either meet us outside the embassy or we will post it to you before your appointment. (Make sure to let us know the date you are going to the embassy so we can get it to you).

What can I take as proof of intern to return?

Any commitments you have that ties you to the UK. For example, are you returning to study in September? Will you have a job? Have you got a rental agreement? Car insurance bill? Anything that proves you have ties to the UK will work.

I can't upload a photo to my DS-160, what should I do?

There is an option to continue without a photo. Once you have a failed attempt uploading your photo, the website will give you the option. You can use one of your US visa photos on the day.

My Sevis address is incorrect, what should I do?

Your Sevis address should not match your camp address, so do not worry about it being incorrect.