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Visa Application Process 2021

To start your visa application process, head to the 'visa' section of your application for step by step instructions. This section will appear on your application when you reach the 'Get Prepared' stage. 

What do I need to do to reach the 'Get prepared' stage? 

To reach the 'get prepared' stage and unlock your visa section you'll need the following completed on your application: 

  • Be confirmed by a camp in the system
  • Have at least one verified reference on your application
  • A complete application
  • A copy of your passport 
  • Sign your program agreement 
  • Your first installment payment

When will Camp Leaders order my visa paperwork (DS2019 form)?

Camp Leaders will order your visa paperwork once you have completed the following: 

  • Upload a copy of your camp contract
  • Sign your visa sponsor agreement in your visa section

When should I start my DS160 application? 

You should start your DS160 application as soon as your profile is moved to the 'Get Prepared stage'. Once you start your application you are given an application ID number starting with 'AAOO', you'll need this number to book your visa appintment, be sure to keep it safe. For full instructions for starting your DS160 application, head to your 'visa' section. 

When can I finish my DS160 application? 

You can finish your DS160 application as soon as your SEVIS number appears in the visa section of your application. For full instructions on completing your DS160 application, head to your 'visa' section. 

When should I book my embassy appointment? 

You should wait for Camp Leaders to give you the go ahead to book your embassy appointment. The US embassy do not currently have appointments for J1 visas available. Camp Leaders are keeping a close eye on the embassy calendar and will inform you as soon as appointments for this summer (2021) become available for you to log on and book a slot.