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Visa Application Guide - Australia & New Zealand

To participate in the Bridge USA program you need to apply for a J-1 Cultural Exchange visa. To do so, you must complete the following actions in order:

Read this entire section before you start your visa application. Understanding the entire process now will ensure you donโ€™t make any mistakes and potentially cause delays in getting your visa.

1. Start your DS-160 visa application form

Follow this step by step guide for instructions on starting and completing your DS-160 application:

Complete your DS-160 Visa Application

2. Book your visa appointment

Follow this step by step guide for instructions on booking your embassy appointment. Using your DS-160 application ID number (โ€œAA00โ€), book your visa appointment at the US Consulate in Auckland.

Book Visa Appointment

If you have been issued with a J1 visa in the last 48 months (eg. you applied in 2020 and attended your visa appointment), you may be eligible to apply by mail.

3. Upload your visa appointment confirmation to your document section

IMPORTANT: Head to your documents section, upload your visa appointment confirmation and ensure your home address is your correct shipping address as this is the address Camp Leaders will send your paperwork to.

Please ensure that you upload your embassy appointment confirmation to your application as soon as you book your appointment. Camp Leaders will need at least 10 days notice before the date of your appointment to ensure your DS-2019 paperwork is fully processed and shipped to you in time.

We also ask that you do not book transport or accommodation for your appointment until your visa appointment has been verified on your application.

Remember: Camp Leaders cannot ship your visa paperwork to you unless we have received your police check certificate and you have paid your program fees in full.

4. Prepare for your visa appointment

You MUST pay your SEVIS fee at least 3 days prior to your embassy interview (If you deferred your application from 2020, your SEVIS fee will be paid on your behalf 3 days before your interview.)

Please make sure you enter any dates in the American format (MM/DD/YYYY)

Guide to Pay your SEVIS fee

Then, gather all necessary items of paperwork. Here is a list of documents youโ€™ll need to take with you to your embassy appointment:

Prepare for Appointment

5. Attend your visa appointment

Make sure you arrive early, abide by Covid safety measures set out by the embassy and have all documents from the checklist with you.

6. Confirm the date you receive your passport back with your visa in it

Once you receive your passport back from the Embassy/Consulate (with your DS-2019 and J-1 Cultural Exchange visa inside) 'Enter Date Received' below.