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Ready to Hire

Now your application is at the 'Ready to Hire' stage you'll see a new status next to where your stage is displayed. This status highlights where you are at in the hiring journey.

Visible - Camp Directors can see your profile (You'll still be able to edit and add more to it).
On review - A camp is interested in your profile. You might start to receive emails or phone calls from camps so keep an eye out!
Confirmed - Well done! You've got your camp but we're just finalising a few confirmation details with them.
Placed - Congratulations! Get ready for America.

Do I have to do a showcase video?

We love showcases and our summer Camp Director’s love them even more so we encourage you to upload one. Some camps will only view participants profiles who feature a showcase video! So make sure you have yours to quickly increase your chances of getting placed.

Can I contact summer camps I'm on review with?

Yes, you can. Most camps have contact details available on their website. Feel free to send an email to introduce yourself, and mention that you have noticed you are on review with them. We’ve heard some great placement stories which started with a short email.

I was on review, and now I am not and I didn't hear from the camp, what do I do?

Don't worry, people can be on review a number of times before they are placed. It is completely normal.

What if I don't want to go to the camp that has me on review'?

We advise you take every interview opportunity you get, as it’s very hard to judge a camp by it’s website, and you get much more of a real feel for the camp at the interview. Depending on the reasoning behind why you don't want to go to this camp, it could affect your refund policy.