Length of Insurance Coverage

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The standard period of 90 days of insurance is included in your Camp Leaders program fees. If your camp program operates more than 90 days and/or you want to stay and travel after the initial 90 days, you need to extend your insurance. The extension cost per day is $2.45 per day, you can extend your coverage and pay through your MyInsurance account.

You will see the length of your insurance in your account and any days over 90 will be set as pending. Please make sure, the pending days are paid before you travel to the States. Staying in the States without active insurance may end up in receiving horrendous bills for medical treatment.

If you decide to go home earlier than initially planned, please let us know about it and we will cancel your active insurance once you arrive in your home country. Please note, there are no refunds available for insurance extensions/upgrades.

Note: It is your responsibility to update your insurance dates to match any new travel dates.

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