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How Do I File My Taxes?

Can I file my own tax declaration?

The process of filing a tax declaration can be confusing, though it is possible to do it yourself. There will be online guides that can assist you should you wish to pursue this route.

Can Camp Leaders help me with my application?

Smaller Earth is not a US tax specialist and therefore cannot give assistance in completing your application. We wanted to make sure we gave participants the most up to date information in regards to the change that has come about in the US Tax law.

Can you recommend a good tax declaration agency?

We cannot provide recommendations of tax agencies, we simply advise that you follow due diligence in making a decision of which one to use. We would advise you to read independent reviews before selecting a company if you choose this route.

I didn't pay tax, will I need to file a tax declaration?

Yes - it is a legal requirement for every person who has worked in the US to file a tax declaration.

Will I end up receiving a refund on my tax?

After completing the tax declaration, you will receive official confirmation which will tell you whether you have over or underpaid on Federal and State Tax.