Costs and Pay

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Find out more about Camp Leaders returner fees and what pay to expect as a returner. 

How much do I get paid as a returner?

In general, returning camp staff will earn more than first-timers and returners are responsible for negotiating their pocket money (payment) directly with their Camp Director.

How much does it cost to return to camp with Camp Leaders?

Please visit the returning to camp section on the Camp Leaders website for the most up-to-date information for your country.

What do I need to pay for as a returner?

  • Program Fee
  • Police Check 
  • US Visa Application (MRV) Fee
  • SEVIS Fee
  • Flights to the US

Why is the returning support staff program fee higher than the camp counselor program fee?

The visa forms needed for support staff cost slightly more than camp counselor forms, which is reflected in our program fees.

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