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After Camp Travel

Can I travel after camp?

Yes, one of the best things about working at a summer camp is that you can travel for 30 days after your camp contract ends.

How many days can I stay in the US after I finish?

You can stay in America for 30 days after your employment ends.

Can I go to Canada or Mexico when I travel?

Yes. However if you leave the US to visit one of these countries, and wish to return to the US, you will need to re-enter on an ESTA. You will also need an ETA to travel to Canada.

Do I have to pay for travel after camp?

Yes. If you choose to travel, you'll have to pay for accommodation, transport and all that American fast food goodness. We’re always happy to help suggest accommodation and great places to visit. If you go to camp with Camp Leaders you'll also be elibigle for our exclusive after camp travel perks

Getting Around America

When looking at your mode of transport during your travel time, look at the pros and cons of each and make sure to find what works best for your budget.

  • Bus: Buses are often the most cost-effective way of traveling in the USA. Despite the cheap cost of buses, they can often be slow and are subject to delays and changes. Be prepared for instances such as this to occur.
  • Train: There are many different ways to travel short distance by rail and many states will have their own railroad company for short distances. The national rail company is AMTRAK for longer trips. Trains are very efficient and clean, and provide a more comfortable, if a little more expensive ride than buses. They operate service to and from most of the major cities. Just like anywhere else, you should book in advance for cheaper fares.
  • Flights: Flying is the quickest form of transport while in America and internal flights are often very reasonable. Also look at other nearby airports as flight prices can sometimes be drastically different and the most obvious airport might also be the most expensive.
  • Car rental: You are permitted to drive in the USA as long as you have a full and valid drivers license in your home country. Most of the well-known rental companies will require you to have a major credit card (not a debit card), and be at least 25 years old. Some may accept younger drivers, but it may be more expensive.